Mailbox heading to iPad and Android devices

One of the most talked-about apps of the year has been Mailbox. Not only for the queue to actually get it, but also because it was subject to a high profile purchase from Dropbox. Which just happened to fund the app to finally get a general rollout to everyone who wanted it (via version 1.2).

But there are still limitations to the app. While it is ideal for digging into a busy Gmail inbox on the iPhone, with the option to swipe through messages, add to folders easily and delay decisions on some mail to keep your inbox clear, it is only applicable to Gmail right now and that iPhone.

Not for long though. With version 1.2, Mailbox confirmed that it was working on extending email options beyond Gmail, which has got to be good news. Now, it has started to confirm other platforms.

Or at least, work towards using other platforms. The iPad version is 'coming soon' according to the company's Twitter page, which is hardly a surprise, as it works on the same iOS platform as the current version.

The Android (and desktop) versions seem to be further down the road. Responses from the company are described as being 'on our roadmap', which is a polite way of saying they'll get round to it eventually. Good news that Mailbox is heading to Android, but not great that the launch isn't imminent.

When we hear more, we'll let you know. Hopefully we will hear more on the iPad front before we get into summer.

Source: TechCrunch

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