Rugged version of Samsung Galaxy S4 incoming

We're still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to hit the retailer's shelves, but already Samsung is planning a spin-off version of its flagship smartphone.

A 'tough' version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is incoming, according to the Techview site. That phone's existence was revealed during a Q&Q session with Young Soo Kim, who is president of the Samsung Gulf region, responding to a question about Samsung's intentions in regard to a waterproof handset in the future.

He responded that a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, which is both waterproof and rustproof, is already under development. In fact, it would be announced in the 'coming weeks'.

It's interesting because the existence of such a phone hasn't been on the radar thus far. No leaks, no images, no details. Which is very unusual for new Samsung hardware. It is also interesting that this isn't an all-new phone, but a rugged version of the S4, which we presume will have the same specification of the standard version.

Whether it will be the same size is a different matter though. Samsung might well have a differing casing on this, which could add some bulk to the finished product. That's just speculation though - we'll know for sure at that rapidly approaching launch.

Source: TechView

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