BBC iPlayer Radio gets an Android launch

It was back in 2012 when BBC iPlayer Radio made its debut, although only for iOS devices. Fast forward six months and we finally have a launch for Android.

Not just a copycat version either, with the Beeb claiming some improvements on the iOS app, which might ease the pain of those who have been waiting patiently for this launch.

The core functionality is the same though, a mix of live broadcasting and on-demand listening from the BBC stations. That's pretty much all anyone wanted. But you also get a touchscreen dial to make finding stations easier, a full programme guide and the ability to easily catch up with radio shows from up to seven days earlier.

On top of that, the Android version gets its own little add-ons. According to the BBC: 'We’ve followed a slightly different design pattern for the Android version of the app which not only leans heavily into the navigational paradigms of the platform (making it familiar to most Android users) but also makes it quicker than ever to discover more content offered by most of our radio stations.'

'On iOS, some content is tucked beneath the ‘currently playing content’ area on the screen, revealed by swiping upwards to show a ‘carousel’. However, on Android simply swiping horizontally will take you through all the content from the currently selected station.'

In addition, there's a notifications panel, an alarm clock function that can be used even when the app is not open, plus easier social sharing, down to Android's ability to make programme URLs or artist and track names available to any application.

the app should work on all devices using Android 4.0 and above. Free, of course.

Source: Pocket Lint

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