BlackBerry 10.1 goes official

It only seems a matter of weeks ago since BlackBerry 10 got an official launch. Indeed it was, launching at the end of January. But it is long enough for the first update to appear, that being BlackBerry 10.1.

There is good reason for the update, with the latest software being adapted for the QWERTY-clad BlackBerry Q10 and its smaller OLED screen. Which means it will roll out on the Q10 when it lands in the UK.

But Z10 owners certainly aren't being forgotten. According to BlackBerry, there's now an HDR camera mode, which should boost the results of your mobile imagery. On top of that, the Hub now supports contact suggestions, PIN-to-PIN messaging and email with attached messages. Notifications are also improved, with per-account message notifications plus options to define sound volumes and vibrations for each contact.

Other enhancements include more granular text selection, better calendar viewing on the Z10 and the ability to copy phone numbers into (or from) the dialer.

As we said, 10.1 is on the Q10 at launch, with an update for the Z10 following in a few weeks.

Source: Engadget

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