iPhone 5S likely to be delayed

I think we've all got used to the idea that Apple will start to produce the new iPhone 5S in June, possibly launching the handset as soon as July. But now it looks like the date is slipping.

According to Reuters, in turn citing supplier sources in Japan and Taiwan, the problem seems to be with one of the key features of the new handset. Specifically, we're talking about the fingerprint sensor, with a supply chain source in Taiwan claiming Apple was trying to find a 'coating material' that did not interfere with the fingerprint sensor, which is likely to lead to a delayed launch.

No details of just what the delay will mean, but it could see a launch slip to the autumn if there are major problems with development.

Reuters also has an insight into the budget iPhone, which we heard was launching in October. It claims the cheaper iPhone will be marketed in 'growth markets' such as China and India. Small-scale production of display panels will begin in May, ramping up to mass production in June. Both phones will use the same 4-inch screen, but the cheaper version will probably not include the new fingerprint technology and sport a cheaper plastic casing.

If those production dates are correct, we might well see the cheaper iPhone ahead of that provisional October launch date. August/September for both models is starting to sound on the money.

Source: Reuters

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