Nokia teases new QWERTY phone

Nokia has teased a new phone, but apart from a launch date, we know very little else.

Actually, we do know one other significant thing. This is a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and judging by the image used in the teaser, a rounded design and a bold splash of colour.

That almost certainly rules out the phone as a Lumia handset, with the fact that the launch will be run by Nokia's Mobile Phones team (rather than Nokia) being the final nail in that particular coffin. More likely, this will be a feature phone, sitting within the Asha range from Nokia.

In fact, it might be the Nokia Asha 205 or a variation on that handset, which has yet to get a launch in Europe. All should be revealed at 7am tomorrow. So when you log on in 24 hours, you should know the full story.

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