Tablets eclipse smartphones using BBC iPlayer

Looks like that sales rush for tablets last Christmas is starting to take a hold, with the BBC confirming that tablet use has overtaken smartphone use in regard to the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC said there were 41 million requests for television and radio programmes from tablets last month, compared to 40 million from smartphones and other small screen mobile devices such as iPods. That's the first time that tablets have taken over and does signal a shift in the mobile market.

'It's a huge moment for us,' said Dave Price, the head of BBC iPlayer. 'Whether it's in bed, in the bath or on the train, tablets have opened up use cases for iPlayer that just weren't there before.'

According to Ofcom’s latest figures, 58 per cent of the population have a smartphone, but only 19 per cent own a tablet. However, it seems that the larger screen is more suited for catching up with the week's TV highlights.

The BBC's iPlayer head believes the reasons for the catch-up are obvious: 'The weather and a strong schedule have been a part of it but by far the biggest factor is the sales of devices in the run up to Christmas and the January sales.'

Top Gear's Africa specials were the most popular programmes on iPlayer in March by some distance, each attracting over a million more requests than the third-placed item, Comic Relief 2013.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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