Google could launch enhanced Nexus 4 in May

The Google I/O event in May usually produces something interesting from Google, but this year, it might not be the cutting edge tech you would expect.

The Nexus 5 would be a clever bet, as would the Motorola X, but the latter seems to have been pushed back to later in three year. Instead, we might well see an upgraded version of the LG Nexus 4.

According to the SidhTech site, Google will use its flagship event to announce a 32GB version of the existing Nexus 4, with the added bonus of LTE connectivity, which could make it a flagship phone for at least of the 4G networks in the UK this summer.

Sadly, there is no talk of it coming with the next version of Android software, 5.0 (aka Key Lime Pie), but that software should be launched at the event. We can hope that the two meet, but it's more likely that Key Lime Pie will be the star of the next big Nexus phone, the Nexus 5, which is expected to be around towards November.

With the Google event in mid-May, there's not long to wait for the facts. In this case, we hope we're wrong and Google does roll out some all-new hardware. With the reception to the Samsung Galaxy S4 being rather muted, a new phone at the right price could really make waves.

Source: SidhTech

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