Orange rolls out Libon VoIP app for Android

It launched back in November 2012 for iOS devices, but now Orange's Libon VoIP service is available for Android phones too.

'The launch of Libon on Android was an absolute must. It’s overtaken iOS numbers in the smartphone OS wars and we’re very excited to finally offer something to the thousands of users who have been asking about this,' said Giles Corbett, Head of Libon. 'This is just the start for our Android version. Stay tuned for more functionalities in the coming weeks including the introduction of our premium offering. We’re fully committed to making Libon the most powerful communications app on Android and iOS available today.'

So more features to follow, but plenty available right now. Free calls for a start, in HD quality, wherever they are, in the same country or on the other side of the world. Contacts just need to download Libon to call over 3G or Wi-Fi.

There's also Libon’s instant messaging, which is as easy to use as SMS, conversations all held in the same place, so you can get a context when calling, personalised voicemail, the option of visual voicemail and the ability to convert voice messages to text. Finally, contacts, conversations and messages can now be synced, so you can save everything in the cloud.

If that appeals, the app is available now. Free, of course.

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