Facebook Home gets early UK launch

We were left guessing as to just when Facebook Home would roll out beyond the US. Our presumption was some weeks and months down the line. The truth is actually days.

Yes, just a matter of days after the US rollout, Facebook Home is now available in a select band of other countries, the UK being amongst them. Of course, that's only half the story, with the right hardware needed to get the full experience. Right now, that's the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, HTC One X+, One X or One.

Of course, as we mentioned previously, an unofficial mod could bring it to a wider selection of phones, but that isn't quite the full experience and it isn't without its problems. Think carefully before you load up, in other words.

When you do get it, you get the option to use Facebook on your lock screen, interacting and chatting with ease from there. You can get the lowdown about it here.

If you want the phone for the job, the HTC First is heading to the UK, but not for some time yet. It should be available on EE at a modest price, but a date of just 'summer' is all we have right now.

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