Facebook Home could work on any Android device

If there's one downside about Facebook Home, it's the barriers in place for its use. Ok, it isn't just limited to the HTC First, but it is limited to certain other phones and is only launching initially in the US. Is there a way around all of this? There is now.

MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien has apparently worked out a simple (and very unofficial) way of negotiating the current ring fence around Facebook Home, allowing you to use it on any Android device. In short, he used a version that bypassed the bit where it checks what phone you have.

Apparently, all you really need to do is pop into your Android device's settings and make sure it is set to install applications from unknown sources (in the 'Security' section). From there, you just have to download and install the patched versions of the Facebook Home app, as well as his patched Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Some models need a little more tweaking and uninstalling, but not a huge amount, in truth and the feature that allows you to send SMS messages in the Messenger app doesn't seem to work. But everything else does.

Of course, you could just wait for Facebook to open up Home for your phone and region - at which point, you'll get the full service and an easier install.

Sources: TechCrunch and MoDaCo

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