Read Petite Spotify-style book service launching soon

Fancy a read, but don't fancy buying new books every other week? A new service from the man behind Waterstones might be for you, going by the name of Read Petite.

No, this isn't another way of buying books, this is 'borrowing' books. or at least, short books and part books. Tim Waterstone will be offering eBooks of that size as part for a service already being likened to Spotify, with books obviously replacing the music element. Pay a monthly fee, said to be between £5 and £12 per month, for as many borrows as you like.

The idea is to aim at the commuter with a mobile phone or tablet, the kind of person who would want a quick read on a morning or evening commute, hence the size of eBook offered. It would also sit alongside the existing eBook buying market, which is likely to appeal to publisher and retailers.

'It worked for Dickens and it worked for us. If you are going to read on a laptop, or a smartphone or a tablet, [a short story] is about as much as you want,' he told the Daily Telegraph.

The service will launch towards the end of the year, with more details likely to be available before then. It sounds a decent idea, although the quality of the content is likely to make or break it.

Source: TechRadar

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