Apple iRadio a step closer

We heard initial reports back in October of last year, but the launch of Apple's streaming audio service known as iRadio for early 2013 came and went. It might well be a step nearer today.

Those early reports claimed Apple was pushing for a conclusion of negotiations with the major music labels, something it might have achieved with some of them. According to Cnet, Apple could sign deals with Warner Music and Universal Music Group within the next week, but still needs Sony to get a full house, as well as the music publishers. But progress is being made.

That looks down to Apple offering a new revenue stream for the labels, with a system for users to buy any song they hear on the streaming service, essentially by tying it to iTunes. The idea is to get the labels signed with those preferential terms, then push out iRadio (if it gets called that) over summer on mobile devices. It's almost certainly going to be a key selling point of iOS 7 and/or the new iPhone, likely to be the iPhone 5S.

The obvious downside of this is the potential for those rights to be US-only, leaving a UK launch to be something much further down the road. We're hoping that's not the case, but past experience tells us that it probably is.

Source: Cnet

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