BlackBerry 10 R-Series spotted

Details are scarce, but we do know that the BlackBerry R-Series is an all-new model.

In fact, that's pretty much all we know now. The photo above has leaked, said to be from the next wave of BlackBerry launches. This one is very much in traditional BlackBerry territory, complete with the QWERTY keyboard, and is rumoured to be the replacement for the BlackBerry Curve.

Of course, it will be a Curve running the BlackBerry 10 software, which will mean a mid-range or budget BlackBerry - the kind of device that should pull in the sales (as the current generation of Curves has done in the past).

More to follow from this, including a proper specification hopefully. If you have been tempted by BlackBerry 10, but have been put off by the price of the hardware or contract, this could be your way in as we approach the summer.

Source: Nerdberry

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