BlackBerry to close BBM Music

It was offered in the UK at the end of 2011, with the company even offering free trials to tempt users in. But that doesn't look to be enough for BBM Music.

BlackBerry has sent out emails to subscribers confirming the end of BBM Music, with a closing date of 2 June. It said: 'BBM Music service will be discontinued as of June 2, 2013*. For paying customers, April is the last month that you will be billed. In May, as your BBM contacts stop using the service, songs in your playlists will begin to turn grey and will no longer be available.'

The email also explains how to delete the app from your phone once the service ends and adds that Rdio is a great alternative to BBM Music, throwing in a 30-day trial for the premium service. Unfortunately, there isn't a BlackBerry 10 app for Rdio, so the appeal of that is likely to be limited.

We can only assume that BBM Music just didn't pull in the punters. It was an unusual concept, one where you you got access to more music if you could get your friends to sign up. Nice idea, but with so many other music services battling for your cash, one that didn't quite tick the boxes for BlackBerry users.

Source: CrackBerry

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