HTC Facebook phone caught on camera

Just a day ahead of its official launch, the upcoming HTC Facebook phone has had a name change. No longer HTC Myst, it's now the HTC First.

That's according to a leak from Twitter. The new name and the image above come via @evleaks, which does have a good track record with new hardware. It doesn't offer anything other than the image and the new name, but to be honest, in light of previous leaks, that's about all we need.

Recent leaks have already given us what we think is the hardware breakdown, which is a fairly mundane 4.3-inch 720p screen, 1GB RAM, 5-megapixel camera and the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processor.

The real excitement is just what Facebook will offer. We'll only know for sure about that tomorrow, although we have heard that it will run something called Facebook Home, which gives deeper integration and special access to photos, messaging and contacts.

Hopefully it will liven up what looks like a typical mid-range phone. All will be revealed in hours.

Source: Twitter

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