Next-generation Google Nexus 7 coming in July

The original Nexus 7 tablet was rated very highly by us in review, especially for the money being asked. So the idea of an updated version for the same money really does appeal.

That's the word coming out right now, specifically from Reuters, which claims that a new version of the Nexus 7 will be announced by Google in July.

Google is aiming big too, with around eight million units being readied for shipping by partner Asus. Each of those tablets is said to have a higher screen resolution, a thinner bezel design and Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor in place of Nvidia Tegra 3, which was used in the first Nexus 7s released last year.

Price will once again be a key selling point. Reuters points out that the vast majority of Google's revenue comes from ads, so Google is keen to get the tablets out there to get more exposure to these ads. With that in mind, the price is likely to be on a par with the current Nexus 7, with that existing model either reduced in price or discontinued completely. Perhaps even a mix of both over time.

As you would expect, neither Google or Asus have commented on the story, but we suspect this is very near the truth. Will it launch with the forthcoming Key Lime Pie OS? We can hope.

Source: Reuters

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