Amazon tweaks its smartphone design

We heard it might be delayed earlier in the month and now we think we know why. Amazon is tweaking the design of its smartphone.

That's not really a surprise. Amazon has been planning a smartphone since the back end of 2011, with details being pretty scarce over the passing months, suggesting that the project wasn't exactly being rushed through. All those months on and the market has shifted.

Details have begun to appear more recently though, with Foxconn said to be the maker of a handset that would have price on its side. It is also said to be under testing, with late 2013 being looked at as a likely shelf date, delayed from an original summer launch.

However, Digitimes claims that recent report isn't quite right. The news agency says that the smartphone has undergone a design chance and will now come with a 4.7-inch screen, due to the increased demand for phones with larger screens. It also says Amazon is 'working on enhancing other specifications of the smartphone'. With previous talk about a tweak of the operating system, likely to be Amazon's take on the Android OS, that does make a bit of sense.

However, despite that, the report claims it is still looking to a second-quarter release date for the device, although that's in hope rather than expectation. An autumn launch is more likely, which means it will lbe slugging it out for headlines with the iPhone 5S.

Source: Digitimes

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