APP WATCH: Gmail updated for iOS

With Mailbox being the hot app of choice for email on the iPhone right now, Google has some real competition when it comes to handling its own Gmail service. So no surprise to see Gmail getting an update.

That update is to version 2.1 and while it doesn't exactly reinvent the app, it does bring one or two useful improvements. The main change here is speed. That's because version 2.1 lets you swipe left or right to move between conversations on the iPhone without needing to return to the inbox. That's got to be an improvement, saving plenty of time if you have an inbox to clear out.

Additionally, you can now take action multiple on messages. Selecting a message in the inbox now enables the 'edit mode'. Once in, tap on messages to select them and then choose to archive, delete, or more, from the new actions bar at the top of the screen. Again, that should speed things up if you have a busy inbox.

Does it make the app better than Mailbox? That's down to personal opinion. If you want to find out, update Gmail and join the lengthy queue to get in on the other app. Yes, there is still a long queue.

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