Game Review: Cheesy Chess (iOS)

Despite being overrun by cartoon mice, Cheesy Chess isn’t a game for kiddiewinks – unless your sprog happens to be a chess mastermind. This tricky puzzle game sees you guiding your king mouse from one end of a board to the other, but you need to shift the other mice out of the way to clear a path. Each mouse is based on a chess piece – so while the king mouse can move a square in any direction, other mice such as the bishop and knight can only make legal chess moves.

You get 100 levels, unlocked in groups of 20 when you complete the previous group, and things get tricky pretty quickly, so you’ll need to have a good grasp of chess rules and be able to think a few moves ahead to make it to the end. Thankfully Cheesy Chess does help you out where it can, with the ability to undo moves and by highlighting pieces that can make valid moves.


Cheesy Chess game review for iOS


You get 100 moves to complete each level, so you’ve got plenty of scope for trial-and-error gameplay, but the game also hands out gold, silver and bronze awards if you finish in as few moves as possible - a good incentive to replay and try and beat your old score.

The cartoony graphics are bright and bold and the mice are all nicely animated, although given Cheesy Chess’ complexity we’re not completely sure why the kiddie-oriented presentation has been used. Still, it adds a bit of fun to what could otherwise be a dry subject and you can swap to a traditional chess piece layout if you wish.

At just 69p, Cheesy Chess is a great pick-up-and-play timewaster for puzzle fans and a no-brainer if you’re into the game. 

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