App Review: Fetch (iOS)

Although aimed at a more juvenile audience, we absolutely adored Fetch’s cinematic presentation, bright cartoon graphics and relaxing adventure-lite gameplay. The simple plot sees you playing a young boy in a tech-heavy futuristic world, whose best friend, a boisterous dog called Bear, has been dognapped by a sinister suited figure. You set off in pursuit through a variety of interesting and interactive environments, including a sewer populated by singing mice and one super-enormous alligator, and a pirate’s cove filled with defecating parrots.


Fetch iOS review


Fetch’s gameplay is a mixture of puzzles and arcade mini-games. Each area has a number of obstacles to overcome, often in the form of an anti-social robot who refuses to let you pass, and you have to collect items and manipulate the environment in order to progress. These puzzles are usually easy enough to figure out (for instance, the sewer area has you manipulating levers to raise or lower the water level, which gives you access to new areas), making Fetch suitable for younger gamers. However, they're still interesting enough to hold older gamers’ attention, and you'll want to progress just to see what quirky characters and interesting locations you'll see next.


Fetch iOS review


The collection of mini-games holds some real gems, including an excellent pirate ship arcade blaster which has you blowing up rival vessels while taking down their cannons and missiles which we soon found ourselves addicted to. The introduction of difficulty levels and high scores adds great replay value, as you battle to beat your previous effort.


Fetch iOS review

Overall, it’s the fantastic presentation that sets Fetch apart, from the eye-poppingly gorgeous graphics and cinematics to the catchy music. You really feel like you’re playing an interactive Pixar cartoon. Each world is packed with little details and collectables and, although Fetch is relatively short, it’s worth every penny of the £2.99 asking price.

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