APP WATCH: Google+ for Android and iOS updated

Have you been bitten by the Google+ bug yet? Despite some initial negative press, users numbers are on the rise, with one report now claiming it is the second biggest social network, ahead of Twitter, in terms of active users. That's probably down to more integration of Google+ into other Google services, but also from improved apps.

The latest enhancement of Google+ has just launched for both the Android and iOS platforms and with it, some interesting imaging improvements. Snapseed has been acquired by Google and is now part of the Google+ app. So now you can do basic image edits like rotate and crop, as well as select Instagram-like filters, including Drama and Retrolux. There's also saturation, contrast, brightnes and adjustments, with a single tap available at any time to compare your creation with the original.

It's not all about images though, with improvements to the content stream on Android devices, including posts with more text up front from the original message and from comments, easy access to video, photo and link attachments, better image previews and easier browsing of photo albums inline.

Profiles have changed, with Google+ now offering the option to show your current location, so visitors can see where you are when they see your profile - but only if you allow it. Finally, there are enhancements to communities, including the volume of posts you see, an option to invite people to a community, or reshare items with a community and the ability to member search, moderate content and report-remove-ban on the go.

All those enhancements are available now, just update to get them.

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