Game Review: Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front (iOS)

This clever little puzzle game is a twist on classics such as The Incredible Machine, demanding a great deal of logical deduction and trial-and-error experimentation to complete each of the 50 levels. Your objective is to set up a complex arrangement of objects to guide coloured balls of matter from their starting point to an end goal. It’s not just a case of constructing a platform runway, however. You can change the balls from liquid to gas and back again using various heaters and coolers, which alters how they’re affected by gravity.


Masters of Alchemy review


Further complication is added when different colours of matter are introduced, and the more fiendish later levels demand that you get the right colours into the right goals. The game also throws in special barriers which only allow specific colours through, as well as buttons and moving platforms to make your life as hard as possible. Thankfully all of these mechanics are introduced at a good pace so the learning curve isn’t too steep, but there were a couple of instances where we didn’t quite understand what some of the objects did, so a bit of text help would’ve been appreciated.

With optional objectives such as gems to collect in each level, along with a bronze/silver/gold grading system to rate your performance, there’s plenty of incentive to play each level over again. Even hardcore puzzle fans will find a good few hours of gameplay in Master of Alchemy: Vengeance Front, which can be snapped up now for just £1.49 for iPhone and iPad.


Master of Alchemy: Vengeance Front is out now on iOS for £1.49

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