Google developing an Android smartwatch

If Apple is doing it, then there's a good chance that every other big name tech company is taking a look at it. By 'it', we mean the smartwatch, which now looks to be on the agenda of Google too.

Apple's watch could make its debut late this year, although it's more likely to be early next year before we see the iOS watch on the shelves. As for Google, well there's no timescale being offered, but it sounds like the timing could be similar.

The rumour comes via the The Financial Times, which claims Google's watch is under development by the company's Android unit and entirely separate from the watch Samsung has recently confirmed it is developing. Yep, your wrist looks like being the next mobile battleground.

Google is keeping quiet on any details of its own effort, although previous patent applications indicate a 'smart watch' with a dual-screened 'flip-up display' and 'tactile user interface'. Google also now owns Motorola, which has produced a mobile wrist device in the past, so there is know-how in the organisation. Couple that with Google's ability in operating systems and it really could be something special.

We're not expecting anything anytime soon, but the next CES event could well be wrist-tastic. 'Watch' this space (sorry).

Sources: The Verge and Financial Times

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