Smartphone case review round-up

Pong Samsung Galaxy SIII case (£63.99,


Mobile phone case reviews


This high quality case covers a lot of bases. Not only do Pong claim it can improve signal strength by up to 48%, it’s also said to protect against radiation as well as conserves battery life by increasing antenna performance. These are all excellent bonuses on top of a good-looking case that really makes you feel like your phone will survive a nasty drop without feeling bulky.



Tech21 Impact Snap with Cover for Samsung Galaxy SIII (£29.99,


Mobile phone case reviews

Tech21’s proposition is a product called Impactology, which offers soft, but strong protection for your device. The orange stuff you can see in this picture is a non-Newtonian polymer called D30, which is soft and squishy, until it is shocked or impacted, at which point it goes rock solid. We wrapped some it around our finger and then hit it with a hammer. There were no screams, no tears – marvellous stuff.

The Impact Snap cases are available with or without covers. We tried one with, and it felt like the phone constantly under the watchful eye of Jason Statham.



iJackit Luxe for iPhone 4/4S (£35.99,


Mobile phone case reviews


iPhone users are greedy for battery life and that’s where the iJackit Luxe case for iPhone 4/4S comes in handy. The protective suede-effect case is chargeable via USB and begins its work once you nudge the on/off switch which sits near the phone’s home button once in place. You can use all of the phone’s functions and even sync it while the case is on.


It’s not perhaps a full charge, more of a 75% within two hours or so– a godsend for a long commute where power ports are lacking. Not quite as ultra slim as it lets on, the case is great for that extra boost but sadly lacking in razzle dazzle. A premium designed handset deserves a little better in all honesty.



Lifeproof Fre for iPhone 5 (£45,


Mobile phone case reviews

If you’re off to hostile territories and can’t bear to leave your precious iPhone behind, this military-standard protective case is what you need. Waterproof up to 2 meters, this rugged case completely envelops your phone and keeps out dust, liquids and other nasties, while also protecting against drops and knocks. We found we could still operate the touchscreen perfectly through the Fre’s window, and a handy earphone attachment means you can even listen to your tunes in a swimming pool (providing you have waterproof earphones).



Tech21 impact band iPhone 5 (£13,


Mobile phone case reviews

Tech 21 cases come with a thin layer of incredibly absorbent liquid, which solidifies upon impact – something we tested by coating our finger in it and smashing it with a hammer. The impact band wraps securely around the edge of your iPhone 5, leaving the screen and back bare, so you can still admire the slick design. However, the band also juts out slightly to protect against all surfaces against drops.



Maroo Shanghai Tang iPhone 5 case (£25,


Mobile phone case reviews

Coming in a range of ten vibrant and beautiful Chinese designs, these Shanghai Tang cases from Maroo are a great way to add some serious colour to your iPhone 5. They snap easily onto your Apple mobile but hold tight, so they shouldn’t come off in the event of a tumble. We love the green dragon model which we tried out, a classy and elegant finish.



Casemate Sony Xperia Z Tough case (£25,


Mobile phone case reviews

This reasonably thin dual-layer cover may not add much bulk to the Xperia Z, but like all cases it covers up the Xperia Z’s gorgeous body (including the iconic power button), replacing it with a rubbery textured exterior. It may dent the looks, but the case offers good grip and shock absorption, essential if the glossy surface is prone to slipping through your fingers.

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