Top 5 'WTF' phones

Some smartphones are real head-turners, but not necessarily for all the right reasons. These mental mobiles are so bizarre they have no right existing, but we’re thankful that they do, or this would be a very short and dull feature...


Apple iPhone 4S Elite Gold - 2011

British designer Stuart Hughes is well known for sticking gems and gold on everyday items and charging millions of pounds for them, but our favourite effort is this ridiculously lavish iPhone 4S, rocking a six million pound price tag. In return, you get Apple’s formidable phone decked out with hundreds of flawless diamonds and 24ct gold. The best part is saved for the box, however: the platinum chest is decorated with rare stones and also polished lumps of T-Rex bone. Lovely.


Top 5 WTF mobile phones
Cool G108 - 2008

A watch that doubles as a phone. It’s one of those things that probably sounded incredibly cool back in the ‘80s (or ‘rad’ as we used to say), but it has no right to exist in the 21st Century. That didn’t stop a company called Cool (without a trace of irony) from producing the G108 just five years ago – flip up the watch’s face and you uncover the tiny 1.5-inch screen, plus a dinky circular keyboard. There’s even a 1.3MP camera packed in. For taking pictures of your friends’ disgusted expressions, presumably.


Top 5 WTF mobile phones

Nokia 7280 - 2005

Looking more like an ‘intimate’ thermometer than a mobile phone, this tubular device has a tiny screen that you can barely see without a microscope. There's also no keypad, so good luck if you want to send a text - you're limited to scrolling through an alphabetic grid with the circular dial thing, which is marginally less annoying than discovering a ravenous man-eating tiger in your bed. Plus, which end do you speak into?


Top 5 WTF mobile phones

Xelibri 6 - 2004

We can pretty much guarantee that zero men will have bought themselves a Xelibri 6, as this bizarrely circular handset bears a close resemblance to those portable makeup mirrors women carry in their handbags. Aside from the fact that talking into one will make bystanders back away slowly, the strange sci-fi interior design made it a bit of a nightmare to use.



Defenderfone - 2006

Top 5 WTF mobile phones

Most phones have built-in radios or other cool features, but the Defenderfone from China kicks things up a notch by including a ‘shock stick’ tazer on top, which can incapacitate or perhaps even kill your intended victims. We’re all for personal safety, but there’s no way you could convince us to stash this thing in our jeans. One accidental fumble with the volume controls is all it takes...


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