No octo-core processor for British Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung told us before its big Galaxy S4 launch event that this sexy smartphone would pack an impressive octo-core (eight cores) processor of its own making when it’s released in the UK (just over a month to go, phone fans). However, it confirmed today that the UK model will actually rock a more modest quad-core processor, as that octo-core model isn’t compatible with 4G LTE.

With 4G becoming more popular over here, and the imminent launch of several new LTE contracts from a range of providers, that sounds like smart logic from Samsung. Our inner geek is crying softly at not being able to test out the new octo-core tech, but the 1.9GHz quad-core chip should prove more than a match for gaming and multi-tasking with apps, until well after the Galaxy S5 launches.


Source: The Inquirer



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