Best mobile music accessories reviewed

Whether you're scrubbing your back in the bath or trying to drown out that screaming kid on the train, your smartphone is a perfect portable way to enjoy your tunes - but you'll need a good pair of earphones/headphones or a decent speaker to get the most from your music. Here's our review round-up of the best mobile music accessories...


Supertooth Disco 2 Bluetooth stereo speaker 

These days it’s easy to carry your entire music collection on your tablet or smartphone, so it makes sense to grab a Bluetooth speaker for when you’re chilling in your home. The Disco 2 connects in a second to your mobile device – just tap its name in your phone/tablet’s BT menu - and produces some powerful sound (up to 16 Watts) considering its size. You get pause/skip and volume controls right on top, and there’s even a built-in rechargeable battery so you can take it into the bathroom or garden.


Sennheiser CX 890i

Sennheiser CX 890i review

These comfy, light earphones aren’t just great for listening to music and podcasts on the go. Dangling beneath your chin you have a compact silver bar with a built-in mic, which can be used to take calls if you’re interrupted. We found the mic was easily strong enough to pick up our voice, and you get volume controls in case the person on the other end gets a bit shriek. Sound quality overall is great, both during calls and when you’re relaxing with some of your favourite tunes.





X Mini 2 speaker review

This dinky portable speaker is perfect for enjoying your music when you’re kicking around outside. Closed up it’s a tiny sphere, small enough to fit into a bag or pocket, but it pops open when you’re ready to rock out. Hook it up to your phone or tablet via the 3.5mm jack and it’s ready to use.

Again, considering the shrunken stature and cut-down price, this is one powerful speaker. Don’t forget to charge it up before you head out though – a USB cable is supplied for hooking up to a computer, and you’ll get almost ten hours of playback from a single charge, more than long enough for a beach or garden party.



Razer Tiamat headset

Razer Tiamat review

Serious gaming requires serious equipment, and it doesn’t get much more serious than Razer’s Tiamat headset. These bulky gaming ‘phones are like a massive plastic extension for your skull, but the chunky frame sits comfortably thanks to the highly effective padding around the top of your head and your ears. You can plug them into a tablet or laptop to get your game on, with True 7.1 Surround Sound support – so you know where those bullets are flying in from. The wired remote is handy for changing directional volumes or muting the sound, and there’s a pull-out mic so you can scream at your buddies as you gun them down.




Edifier Prisma BT speakers

These funky Bluetooth speakers look like they’ve leapt straight out of a sci-fi film, with their sleek white curves and angles. In fact, the amp could almost be a miniature spacecraft. We reckon they’d look great on a shelf at home, and even better they’re simple to set up and connect to your smartphone or tablet (a line-in port also allows you to hook up to a stereo). You can boost the volume up to ear-bleeding levels using the wired controller, which also has a headset port if you’d rather have some privacy (or your flatmates can’t stand your taste in music).

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