Google Now for iOS leaks

It's a big selling point for the Android operating system, but Google seems to want Google Now to travel further than its own mobile platform.

It looks like Google Now is going to make its way to iOS devices too. How do we know? Well, Google has let the world know via a promotional video. Accidentally it seems, as the YouTube video was pulled soon after, but too late to stop the story going (very) public.

Sadly, it doesn't list any specifics, only noting that 'Google Now for iOS' was very real. Of course, the video could be a fake, but the voiceover for the product is the same one that introduced the Google Now Android promotional video last year, which is an attention to detail your average faker isn't going to have covered.

There's no timescale either, but you would expect a promotional video hints at a more or less finished product - perhaps one that is waiting for Apple to approve it. So if you have been looking enviously at your Android mates with Now, iOS owners should soon have access to all that essential daily information from the homescreen too in the very near future.

As soon as the official word lands, we'll let you know.

Source: Engadget

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