Amazon's smartphone said to be delayed

It was November 2011 when we first heard about an Amazon smartphone, with a proposed shelf date of late 2012 being floated. As you might have noticed, that came and went. As has a later launch date, according to new reports.

An update to this story in 2012 claimed that Foxconn was booked in for making the phone, which was planned to be launching over the second and third quarters of 2013, presumably different dates for different territories.

Around five million phones were down for manufacture initially, with price being the big selling point, not unlike the Kindle Fire tablet above. That price was said to be the equivalent of between £60 and £120, which would certainly make waves in the Android market.

But the new report puts doubt on those launch dates, although the phone itself is very much alive and well. The story comes from Digitimes, which says the smartphone is still under its 'engineering verification test' (EVT), with issues relating to the mobile platform being cited as the problem. We don't know what that means, but we know that it must be significant to put the entire project back.

The tests were apparently due to finish in the first quarter of 2013, with production initially planned from June onwards. According to Ensky, which is responsible for the screens, that date is now 'unlikely' to be met. If that's the case, we would expect Amazon to be looking at the Christmas market rather than the summer market. Which is probably when the volume sales will kick in anyway.

Source: Digitimes

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