Microsoft could be planning a Surface Phone

Microsoft has got back into the hardware market with the Surface tablet, but could it be planning its own smartphone too? Words from Nokia suggest that might be the case.

In a company statement picked up by ZDNet, Nokia raised the issue of new Microsoft hardware: 'Microsoft may make strategic decisions or changes that may be detrimental to us. For example, in addition to the Surface tablet, Microsoft may broaden its strategy to sell other mobile devices under its own brand, including smartphones. This could lead Microsoft to focus more on their own devices and less on mobile devices of other manufacturers that operate on the Windows Phone platform, including Nokia.'

That is a pretty strong statement, driven by Nokia's concern that a Surface Phone could lead to less investment in and promotion of Nokia's Lumia brand and hardware. Microsoft might even abandon the Lumia altogether.

Indeed, Nokia added: 'If Microsoft reduces investment in that operating system or discontinues it, our smartphone strategy would be directly negatively affected by such acts.'

A Surface Phone has been rumoured previously, but nothing concrete has ever come out. That's because Microsoft apparently see it as a 'Plan B', with some testing of prototypes taking place, but without any commitment to send the phone to market.

We'll probably see later in the year whether 'Plan B' becomes 'Plan A'. But for now, just file this as a 'possible'.

Sources: The Verge and ZDNet

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