YouTube music streaming service rumoured

Back in February, we heard renewed rumours of a Google streaming audio service. A new report now claims that the service will be based around YouTube.

The initial story whisper indicated a free and paid platform, being offered via both Android and other (think iOS initially) apps, with desktop use almost certain to be in the mix too.

The latest take on the service comes from Fortune, which now claims the music service will be a new branch of YouTube. However, it will overlap with Google Play for Android in some way, although how isn't really clear right now. But it is looking likely that there will be a subscription fee option for both services with added features - for YouTube, this is likely to be ad-free streaming.

Idle speculation? Perhaps not, as the story comes from sources within the music industry privy to discussions, as well as a Google employee who (quite rightly) refused to be named. Those music execs added that the industry is still to reach agreement about just what should be free, especially when it comes to streaming on mobile devices. Basically, they don't want free to be the default, as listeners 'might get used to not paying for music'.

The first story pointed to a launch (somewhere) in the third quarter of 2013, so discussions would need to come to a head soon. When they do, it could spell bad news for some other industry giants, including Spotify and possibly Apple, which is also looking at the idea of a streaming service.

YouTube is already a trusted source for music and could well take out a big chunk of the market if and when it launches as a streaming music source.

Source: Fortune

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