Lockscreen vulnerability found on Samsung Galaxy S III

Apple had a similar vulnerability some weeks back, but the lockscreen issue just discovered on the Samsung Galaxy S III is an altogether different problem.

However, the consequences are much the same. Someone can easily access all your data with a few clicks of buttons. It was spotted by Sean McMillan of the Full Disclosure mailing list, who went on to detail just how easy it was to get into the phone. Essentially, it's a sequence of four buttons in the right order and right speed, based loosely around the emergency call/contacts functions.

It can take a few attempts to get it right, but it has been tested on at least three different S III phones and in each case, the lockscreen was bypassed.

What does it mean for you? It means you should be careful where you leave your phone if it contains sensitive data. It also means Samsung has some serious thinking to do, too. If any S III lockscreen can be bypassed so easily, the company really needs to be working on a fix. With so much publicity around this, we suspect it already is.

Source: Seclists.org

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