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Everyone loves monkeys and everyone loves trampolines (FACT) so everyone with a Windows 8 device should check out the charming and colourful Chimpact, a simple but fun 2D game that’s perfect for whiling away a few idle minutes.

At its heart, Chimpact is a game about bouncing a monkey from the bottom to the top of each level, using various trampolines that are scattered about the place. The chimp protagonist always comes to rest on a bouncy pad, so all you have to do is wait for him to settle, then pull back with your finger and release. A trail of bananas guides your path and you should try to hit as many of them as possible to maximise your score, as well as collecting hidden gems that are concealed beneath the undergrowth.


Chimpact game review


Chimpact is simple enough for a child to master, but still pulled us back for quick blasts thanks to its excellent challenge modes, which force you to complete a level in as few moves as possible, or within a set time, and so on. The graphics are a crisp, colourful cartoony joy, and the only problems we had with the controls were when we pulled back a trampoline too quickly, which caused our fingers to slip off the screen.

If you’ve got a Windows 8 tablet, your kiddiewinks will love Chimpact. It’s a bit too repetitive to hold an adult’s attention for long, but still enough fun to draw you back for a quick blast.

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