APP WATCH: Spotify for iOS get a makeover

The look of Spotify for iOS hasn't exactly been cutting edge for quite some time. So a new version for Apple devices is very welcome.

The new version is Spotify 0.6, with the changes really being about look and feel, a look not a million miles from the more recently updated Android app.

You'll see a Now Playing strip pretty much always present on the app (at the both of the screen), along with a navigation sidebar. A swipe of the finger allows you to access Search, Playlists, and Radio, plus What's New, Friends, Inbox and Settings tabs.

It's also easy to advance, pause and restart a track, as well as other options whilst playing a tune (including the cover art). Talking of which, a tap of the cover art will bring up options to Scan, Share, Star, Add To Playlist or Start Radio, not to mention Shuffle, Repeat or volume changes.

Bug fixes too, so if you've encountered any of those, there's a good change this release will have zapped them. Don't take our word for it though. check it out at the app store or by updating your current app. Yes, the new version is ready to go right now - and after a quick play this morning, it seems a lot faster than the old version too, which is a nice bonus.

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