APP WATCH: Amazon Cloud Player for iPad launches

Good news for iPad owners, the Amazon Cloud Player has been redesigned just for you.

Not 'you' specifically, but 'you' the iPad owner, as version 2.0 of the iOS app comes with an iPad-friendly design, optimised for both the full-sized tablet and the mini version.

The company is obviously pleased with itself. Steve Bernstein, director, EU Digital for Amazon, commenting: 'With Amazon Cloud Player for iPad, we’re excited to bring our UK customers another great way to access their music when and where they want it.'

Aside from the interface tweak, not a great deal has changed, aside from the addition of a cache management tool. Other than that, it's pretty much business as usual for a service that was introduced last summer, allowing you to use Amazon's cloud to stream tracks you've uploaded yourself (MP3 or AAC) or any you have purchased in MP3 form from Amazon. There's also the option to play offline if you tick the relevant boxes, an ability to stream via Bluetooth and play your collection via different audio devices - from Sonos through to your computer.

Downside? Well, you can store as many purchases as you want, but if you want to upload your own, the ceiling is around 250 tracks or 5GB. That's unless you upgrade. In that case, the limit is 250,000 tracks, but the cost to go Premium is £21.99 each year.

Whether you go free or Premium, the iPad app is available for free right now.

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