Sony trials Firefox OS with Xperia E

A lot is happening in a very short time with the Firefox operating system, with more manufacturers seriously looking at its merits as a mobile platform. Sony is the latest, even going as far as offering the OS to developers and tech-savvy users.

Just days after Alcatel showed off the first commercial Firefox phone and LG, Huawei and ZTE confirmed an interest in the platform, Sony has added some weight to the backing, pushing out Firefox to the Xperia.

Ok, it's not quite so simple as that. But Sony has taken the unusual step of offering an experimental ROM of the platform for a phone, specifically the Sony Xperia E, which you can pick up for around £150 in the UK (if you fancy joining in with the experiment).

That phone choice is no accident. it is said to 'match' the specification of the previously-announced Keon developer handset, making it a great fit for trialling the first generation of Firefox.

Saying that, it's certainly not for everyone. The Firefox OS ROM comes with a warning that unlocking your bootloader and switching operating systems 'may void your warranty,' so this is perhaps for developers and techie types rather than being something to kill 10 minutes one evening.

But if you want to be part of the new generation and have got the hardware, it is available here, along with instructions on just what to do. There's a video here, should you want a visual guide.

Source: The Verge

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