MWC 2013: ZTE launches Grand Memo

Details seems a little confused right now, but one thing is for sure - the ZTE Grand Memo has made its first appearance at the MWC event.

By confused, we mean that the specifications of the much-rumoured phablet are still to be ironed out. We have a rough idea, but don't take it as gospel just yet. You might want to wait until it sits on a UK shelf with the features outlined in bold type.

But for now, we'll go with what we have. Which means a 5.7-inch smartphone, taking it a little bit past the Galaxy Note II in size. Although with the Note III already being talked about, we can't see that superiority lasting too long.

You'll also find a 720p resolution screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, 4G connectivity, a 13-megapixel camera, Dolby Digital Plus Surround sound and a 3,200mAh battery, all of which is packed into a device that's just 8.5mm thick.

So you get the broad theme of just what ZTE is offering here, with just a few gaps to be filled in here and there. It could vary from region to region, which is perhaps why some of the features have changed since the big announcement.

Talking of launches, the ZTE Grand Memo is down for a Chinese launch initially, with Europe following soon after. No word on just when that is, but it is coming - and is likely to give the Note II a run for its money price-wise.

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