Passcode hack finally sorted with iOS 6.1.3

I know, it was presumed that it would be fixed in iOS 6.1.2, but that update actually sorted the battery draining issues - another problem we flagged up in the recent past. Now the passcode hack really is being sorted by Apple.

It comes in an update called iOS 6.1.3, which has just been released to developers. In that update, the much talked-about passcode hack, which is a series of clicks on your phone, will be no more. Not that it was a common thing in the first place due to the difficulty of the task. But if you were worried, it should put an end to your stress.

The next update will focus on that fix, but will add some mapping enhancements too. Sadly, this isn't the complete mapping overhaul we're all hoping for. The addition here is some enhancement for Japanese customers. Good news if you are planning a trip there with your phone soon, but not a huge thing for the rest of us, though.

No set date for this to roll out as yet, but we expect it to be popping up on your phone or tablet in the coming days.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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