Nvidia launches super-mini Tegra 4i smartphone tech

Nvidia proved it’s still at the top of the smartphone microchip game by launching its Tegra 4i processor, which joins the existing Tegra 4 chip revealed at CES 2013. Nicknamed ‘Grey’, the Nvidia Tegra 4i is currently the highest-performing single-chip smartphone processor (quad-core 2.3GHz ARM), which packs in an incredible 60-core GPU.

In non-techy terms, the NvidiaTegra 4i is impressively dinky, offering almost twice the performance of the already-impressive Tegra 4 (amusingly nicknamed ‘Wayne’) per square mm. The Tegra 4 processor can still reach a slightly higher maximum performance, but the Tegra 4i offers eyebrow-raising power in a more compact form, which hopefully will translate into even slimmer, lighter mobile phones.

There are other benefits to the Tegra 4i chipset, including lightning-fast 4G LTE performance for loading up websites in the blink of an eye, and a computational photography engine which helps a smartphone camera to track its subject, as well as adding cool HDR features including a speedy HDR panorama mode.

We’re hoping to see more of Nvidia's genius micro-tech at MWC 2013.


nVidia Tegra 4 launched

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