Apple rolling out passcode fix this week

Another week, another version of iOS. But you'll be glad to see iOS 6.1.2.

That's because iOS 6.1.2 should sort out the security problem we flagged up last week - that being what's generally being termed the 'passcode hack', which allowed someone to bypass the security code protecting your screen with a series of clicks. This wasn't some theoretical flaw either - a YouTube video showed the hack in action, which probably didn't help matters.

But it did help in the long run, as it got Apple hot under the collar and working round the clock to get it sorted. German blog iFun claims Apple has a fix pretty much ready to go, with the rollout of it likely to arrive either today or tomorrow, but definitely before 20 February.

This is the second update to have been rushed through since iOS 6.1 landed, with the previous one sorting out network problems with the original software. Apple will no doubt be hoping this is the last such update required. If it continues, Apple's reputation could be on the line.

Source: Apple Insider

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