Nokia Music+ launches in the UK

It got an official worldwide launch last month, but now the Nokia Music+ is available in the UK.

As we predicted, the service is available for £3.99 per month. Due to the currency, that works out as more expensive than the US or mainland Europe, but it's still a cheaper alternative to Spotify if you want music on the go. As you might recall, Spotify launched on Windows Phone 8 just last week.

It's not a replica of the service Spotify offers, so you might want to give the free trials of both a whirl before you commit. If you opt for Nokia Music+, you get a service which is a mix of radio and on-demand - you can choose your favourite artists for your mixes, but not specific songs. The paid version of the service allows you to save unlimited playlists to your phone for offline listening, with an unlimited number of track skips too - something else you can't do on the free version.

Quality of music is much better, said to be around six times better quality than the standard version. If that starts to worry you in regards to data, you can always set syncing for Wi-Fi only zones, which is nice to know. Oh yes, if you love a singalong, lyrics are thrown in too. Because everyone will love to hear you singing along to your favourite tune on the morning commute.

Give it a try now - £3.99 seems a reasonable price if you love music on the go, especially if you are not too worried about specific tracks.

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