APP WATCH: Twitter updated for Android and iOS

Twitter has updated its iOS and Android apps, as well as the mobile Twitter page. The Twitter-owned Vine app has also undergone a change, but perhaps this change isn't necessarily what Twitter would have liked.

But let's look at the Twitter apps first, with changes really focusing on search. First up, there's a new search button for iPhone users. Android owners and iPad users already had one, but not users of Apple's smartphone. Until today that is.

Improvements across the board include an improved Discover tab, which now delivers a single stream of Tweets, Trends, Activity, plus accounts to follow. A quick 'pull' will refresh or keep scrolling to see more content. Search now shows the most relevant mix of people, Tweets and photos for your account. You can also see your five most recent searches and tap them to redo the search, or you can clear your recent search history.

Other enhancements include links instantly opening web pages when you tap URLs in your stream, performance improvements (especially for older iOS devices), an improved 'Connect' that shows interactions like new followers, retweets and mentions by default and of course, those bug fixes and 'other improvements', presumably to the back end. The app is free as ever.

In other Twitter-related news, Vine, the company's recently-launched video posting site, has just had its minimum age reviewed. Yes, tales of videos of an 'adult' nature have filtered through, with the company censoring some search terms and monitoring content.

But that's not been enough for Apple you suspect, with the app now coming with an age-related enquiry before you download. If you aren't 17, you are asked to leave well alone. It's just a question though, so you wonder if it will make any difference at all.

If it doesn't, Twitter/Vine will need to up their game in terms of rooting out and removing anything that might cause offence. Good luck with that one.

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