Sony Xperia Z landing on 28 February

Pre-orders are up and running for the Sony Xperia Z across various networks, but Three has come up with the detail we really wanted - the date of its arrival.

Launched back at the CES event at the turn of the year, the Xperia Z is the latest flagship phone from Sony. It looks like a contender too, with a full HD 1080p five-inch screen, quad-core processor and 13.1-megapixel camera. See our hands-on with the phone for the complete lowdown.

If that impresses you, the shelf date is 28 February, with prices obviously varying depending on where you buy it. Three is offering it for £34 per month with the free phone and a pair of Sony MDR-1R Prestige headphones, apparently worth £299.

But that headphone deal doesn't seem limited to Three. Everyone seems to be offering a pair to initial customers, including Sony itself, which is selling the phone SIM-free for £529.

Other networks that have confirmed availability are O2, which has a similar deal to Three for the 'free' phone for as low as £13.50 per month if you pay an upfront fee of £480. Vodafone has also confirmed it will be selling the phone, without offering pricing as yet, but Orange, T-Mobile and EE (all the same company obviously) has yet to confirm one way or the other.

If they do, it's likely to be from that 28 February date.

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