Google Nexus 4 finally back in stock

It's been a long journey but finally, after months of waiting, the LG-made Google Nexus 4 is actually in stock.

Highly rated by us in review, the Google flagship phone sold out almost immediately when it first hit Google's virtual shelves and has rarely been in stock since. In fact, you could probably count the in stock time in hours, possibly even minutes.

LG has hinted that the problem was down to Google underestimating the amount of phones it could sell, which might well be the case. The attractive price point, good reviews and a launch just prior to the festive season all probably combined to boost demand much more than might usually be expected. It's taken nearly three months for that to be put right.

Go on the Google Play site now and you can order one - or even more than one. No sign of the white Nexus 4 sadly, but the black one is back at the same price, which is a bargain £239 for the 8GB version or £279 for the 16GB model.

Obviously we don't know how long the stock will last, so we recommend getting in soon. Delivery is down as one to two weeks, which suggests stock might already be getting a little thinner.

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