Amazon Kindle Fire HD v Nook HD v Kobo Arc

A couple of years ago you had to splash hundreds of pounds on a decent new tablet, but this Christmas saw a rush of great-value 7-inch tablets hit store shelves. Kindle, Kobo and Nook will be familiar to eReader fans, and all three brands have put out their own Android tablets which can play media, apps and games as well as your typical ebooks and mags.

But which one is worth your shiny pennies? Amazon's Kindle Fire HD, the Kobo Arc, or the Nook HD? Hopefully this handy table will help you to decide!


Amazon kindle Fire HD v Nook HD v Kobo Arc tablet compare



Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Kobo Arc

Nook HD


193 x 137 x 10.3mm

189mm x 120mm x 11.5mm

194 x 127 x 11mm






7-inch 1280x800 display, both crisp and vibrant, bringing games and movies to life

7 inch 1280x800 display, sharp enough for enjoying HD photos and movies with great viewing angles

7-inch 1440x900 display, the sharpest screen here, which makes it excellent for digesting media on the move


1.2GHz dual-core, fast enough to run the latest games and apps, but likely to be dated within a year

1.5GHz dual-core, great performance at all times and more future-proof than the others here

1.3Ghz dual-core, like the others provides good enough performance to run apps, although we noticed the odd stutter


16-32GB, no memory card expansion

8-32GB, no memory card expansion

8-16GB, no memory card expansion


HD front

1.3 megapixels front


Battery Life

Four hours media

Five hours media

Five hours media

Best for...

If you’re a big fan of ebooks, the Fire HD gives you immediate access to Amazon’s enormous Kindle Store library

Gives an authentic Android experience, with full personalisation, unlike the other tablets here

That mega-crisp screen is a great way to take in movies on the move or browse your photos

Worst for...

If you can’t stand adverts, you won’t appreciate having them in your face constantly

Some video streaming problems mean movie/TV fans should look elsewhere

The online store is lacking right now when it comes to films, music and apps


3.5 stars

3 stars

3.5 stars


From £159

From £159

From £159

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