ZTE to unveil first commercial Firefox phone

Twitter might have started out as a social network for minor chit chat, but it has rapidly become a rather good promotional tool for big companies, not to mention a place to find the odd leak for upcoming phones. To demonstrate one of these points, ZTE has just hinted at a new product via Twitter hashtags.

The most interesting of those is #ZTEMozilla, which seems to indicate that ZTE, as previously rumoured, will show off the first commercial Firefox phone at the MWC trade event.

We say 'commercial' because the phones pictured above were actually shown off last week, although the Keon and Peak Firefox handsets have been produced purely for developers looking to create HTML5 apps for the new platform, which is said to be able to run across both the web and Mozilla's mobile system.

ZTE has already spoken about a European launch in the fairly near future with Telefónica, owner of UK network O2, said to be a partner in the project. Hopefully we will hear more on that next month too.

The other hashtag used was #ZTEGrandMemo, referring to the Note-bothering ZTE Grand Memo and its rumoured massive 5.7-inch 720p screen and quad-core processor. Expect that to be big news too when the event kicks off at the end of February - in fact, we just received notice that a Mozilla press event will kick off on the evening of Sunday 24th February, so expect the news to hit then.

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