Playbook tablets to get BlackBerry 10 upgrades

The big news yesterday was the rebirth of BlackBerry, with a new company name (BlackBerry from RIM), the confirmation of the BlackBerry 10 operating system and of course, the BlackBerry Z10 launch. You can see our hands-on of that device here. But it wasn't the only news, with other BlackBerry bits and pieces still filtering in - one of which concerns the company's tablet.

Remember the BlackBerry PlayBook? Of course you do. RIM (as they were known back then) produced a tablet back in 2010, finally arriving in the UK in the middle of 2011. It wasn't cheap, starting at around £399, although the price has steadily dropped over the months and years since.

We all presumed the PlayBook was a thing of the past, especially with the arrival of BlackBerry 10, but the truth is very different. Thorsten Heins, CEO for BlackBerry, speaking at the New York event, said: 'Our plan is to upgrade all existing PlayBooks to BlackBerry 10.'

So goodbye PlayBook OS, hello BlackBerry 10 at some point. It could prove a shrewd buy too. There's a good chance that some store somewhere is selling them cheap. A quick glance at the net points to retailers offering the 64GB model for £129, for example.

When the upgrade rolls out, that (or even less cash if you shop around) could prove real value if you like the look of BlackBerry's latest OS.

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