BlackBerry 10 Launch Day Live

At 3pm UK time, RIM will kick off its massive Blackberry 10 launch - one of the most anticipated events of the year, considering Blackberry's near total absence from the mobile radar last year. Here's what we're expecting, and we'll be reporting live from the london launch, right here and on our Twitter feed!


Live News



So, the Z10 will be available tomorrow from all the major operators/carriers, including EE (4G enabled), Phones 4U, Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone, 3, O2 and BT.



Now Angry Birds chat. Love the hoodie.

BB10 Angry Birds



Cisco is taking the stage (the company, not the rapper guy - surely one singer is enough for one launch) to talk about software...



Looks like Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman are going to be using the BB10 phones to create stuff, the 'Keep Moving' project.



So I guess this is the 'big surprise' we were promised at the start? Alicia's banging on about all the great things she's gonna do. Everyone looks bewildered.



Now we're being introduced to the new Global Creative Director  for BlackBerry, a singer/songwriter, author, wife and mother... ???

Oh, it's Alicia Keys. RANDOM!

Alicia BB10There she is!



BlackBerry Z10 will be available in the UK tomorrow, later in the month for other territories. UK! UK!



Looks like it'll be wrapping up soon-ish, and hopefully we'll get the chacne to have a hands-on. More videos, then back to the UK guys...



BlackBerry World 10 will launch with 70,000 apps, 1000s of apps added every week. Skype, Kindle, SAP, & Angry Birds (thank god) confirmed. Gamers are in luck - Where's My Water will also be there! And it doesn't end there. Where's My Perry is there too!




Still going strong. Now onto BlackBerry World, all major music labels will be available, and a loooot of movies. Martyn Mallick takes the stage.



BlackBerry Story Maker - a way of quickly and easily creating a cheesy home movie with photos, videos and music, complete with captions etc



Checking out the Z10's camera now. Lots of photo editing features, and of course filters. Greyscale, hooray!



BlackBerry Remember is a way to file emails, notes and other bits in one handy place. Good for forgetful plebs like us.



First  video chat, what's cool is the US BB dude is now virtually browsing the UK BB dude's phone photos and apps using ScreenShare - not sure we'd want people virtually browsing our snaps from afar though, would need to do some crafty deleting first...



The first ever BBM 10 video chat, between the US and UK! Massive applause. As if it's 1998.



BlackBerry Balance shows how easy it is to use BB10 for both work and play, keeping the two halves separated.



You can also cyber-stalk people much easier, checking out their pic and webstats...



Definitely impressive the way social networking (Twitter, Facebook) is integrated into your menus and contacts, so you don't need to mess around opening apps. And it's easy to check incoming mails and other alerts without quitting out of whatever you're doing.



BlackBerry Flow is now being shown off, we reported about this in our hands-on. "True multitasking".



Ha, now the phones have risen from the ground. It's like a scene from Star Wars.

Q10 (keyboard version) and Z10 (all touchscreen).

BB10 Launch



And there we go, RIM is now officially BlackBerry - makes things nice n' simple



Okay, we've just been asked for a few more minutes of our time before we see the goodies. Good time to go to the toilet if you need it...



BB10 is for people who are 'hyper-connected socially, like getting things done, and want something both personal and professional". BB10 is 'built to keep you moving'. Hang on, this is just more meaningless chat...



Finally, it's news time, after a little bit more chat. "We've been on a journey of transformation" - not the first time we've heard the J-word today. Brace yourself, time to see the devices in action (although, of course, we've already had a bit of a play).



Someone called Lil' E is rapping about how amazing Blackberry is. Don't think that'll be a top ten hit any time soon, but then, people buy Kei$ha albums, so go figure.



"It's official. Blackberry is now one company! One brand! " reads the teleprompter. Hmm, ditching the RIM name? Just marketing guff and backslapping still...



The live webcast of New York has kicked off, but instead of sound we're treated to some lovely elevator music. Ahh, here we go, lots of shots of operators from around the world bigging up BB



RIM believes BB10 is "the future of our industry". Expect the usual marketing chat before we get to see the hardware...

Ooh, and a special surprise for everyone here apparently, intriguing...



Rob Orr has taken to the stage. No sign of Stephen Bates so far...but he's due to speak, so brave man. Expect lots of "what went wrong?" if there's a Q&A session.

Looks like we're gonna get a live webcast from New York after a brief intro.



Lights have dimmed, here we go with a nicely noisy video on the big screens....



It appears that Bilbo, Gandalf and Sauron are all in attendance today. What's the chances?




BB10 Launch

We've been ushered into the BB10 press stadium, and check this out - benches and power sockets! Makes a massive change to hunching over our laptops on a tiny metal seat with tons of equipment balanced on our thighs. Ten minutes until kick-off.



Launch Preview


The new Blackberry 10 handsets

Last month we caught our first glimpse of Blackberry's new touchscreen model, the Blackberry Z10. It's rumoured to pack a 4.2-inch display with 1280 x 768 resolution, an 8-megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, plus a 2-megapixel networking camera on the front.

RIM should also show off its new X-Series QWERTY phone, presumably called the X10, at today's launch. We haven't heard much about the X10, but we do know that the new Blackberry handsets should be rocking 4G.

But of course, it's not just about the sexy new hardware. RIM has already talked about the new Blackberry World online store, with an emphasis on music and video content. Could we see some funky new services to rival Apple's iTunes and the Google Play store, not to mention online offerings from the likes of Amazon?

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