Google Nexus 4 could get a white makeover

If you shop the Google Play store for the Nexus 4 smartphone, you'll find that the LG-made handset is still, as it has been for most of the time, 'temporarily out of stock'. When it does make its way back to the shelves, it might well have had a makeover.

A colour makeover, that is. An image has leaked which shows the distinctive back panel of the Nexus 4 shifting from black to white. Yes, a white Nexus 4. Is it real? Well yes. it seems to be for real.

The site which has managed to get hold of the photo claims the photo was was taken with an LG Optimus G last week, rather than being an old image, or indeed (as you might suspect) a PhotoShop project.

Unfortunately, nothing else is known about the phone. It could be the first of the new stock being readied for the Google Play store. But it could also be a prototype. After all, a rumour did point to a white version back in December, so it could be hardware that never quite made it to the mass production stage.

Saying that, we're positive souls and we are thinking this could be a way of boosting the profile of the phone after the PR disaster of stock shortages over the Christmas period. A white Nexus 4 SIM-free from £239? We'll definitely have some of that.

Source: Phone Arena

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